The following testimonials were taken directly from surveys given to all patients having procured an orthosis for the first time.

"Lucky you exist!"

"Marchildon’s orthoses changed my life."

"I do not hesitate with children! The orthotists at Marchildon really know what to do to correct children walking problems."

"I tried many places and Marchildon, you are in a class apart."

"According to my doctor, Marchildon is a safe bet in the industry."

"I went to all the hospitals and went to leading Montreal children specialists with my 13 years old boy to treat his knee pain. No one was able to help me. Marchildon made a custom orthosis and all the pain disappeared after only 2 weeks!"

"I went to a lot of different places. They never gave me an explanation like Marchildon’s orthotists did. They are really doing a great job here. "

"As a general practitioner, I was always concerned about musculoskeletal pain. When one of my patients told me he had sore knees, I immediately looked at his foot position and legs alignment. I would send my patients to Marchildon and the majority of them saw great improvement."

"I found my quality of life! Despite a period of adjustment, I can now resume my activities! I recommend Marchildon to everyone I know!"

"This is the second time I go to Marchildon. My foot health now allows me to resume all my activities. Thank you."

"The orthotist we met was really great. She showed a lot of professionalism and interpersonal skills. In short, impeccable service that greatly surpasses one obtained in another orthotist clinic that had nevertheless been recommended to me ... BRAVO!"

"I am impressed by the result on my hip by wearing orthotics. The adaptation was easy and I saw immediate result. The professionalism and friendliness of the staff adds to my satisfaction. Thank you!"

"It took a while to get used to the orthoses, but they are very effective, especially during hiking activities."

"I wear orthotics for the past few weeks. I assure you that I am very relieved; I have no more foot pain. I am very satisfied. Thank you for your skills and the attention you gave me."

"The wear of orthoses really eased my foot pain and I'm able to do more physical exercises (cycling, walking, skating, etc.). I know I can trust Marchildon to help me find the right shoe to my foot as I'm very hard to put on."

"I did not feel foot pain by the very next day and my other pains decreased."

"Very satisfied with my sport orthoses!"

"Marchildon’s orthotists are very professional, I never felt pressure or compelled to get a orthosis. They even offered me different treatment plans, I thank them for their professionalism."

"What an approach, you define competence. The explanation of my problem was incredibly precise. It was much easier for me to make the right decisions."

"Orthotists who deal almost exclusively on foot disorders. Wow, I am impressed by their skills, I had information that I had never obtained elsewhere. There is no doubt, you are dealing with experienced people."

"The approach, the human contact and the information obtained from Marchildon’s orthotists put us in confidence. Thank you so much."

"I had a great evaluation at Marchildon. They offered a treatment plan, but following a proper assessment of my situation, they adapted to my needs. Thank you for your help and for your attention."

"This was the first time I had a molding made this way… in wax. Before, I had to put my foot in foam that was crushed under my weight. I knew nothing about it, but I still had doubt on the accuracy since I thought he molded my foot problem. The orthotist at Marchildon explained to me that they use a wax molding to avoid weight bearing and to mold the foot defect, so I was not crazy. What is more, they can incorporate corrections into the wax molding for accuracy and to avoid corrections of prefabricated elements. Thank you for making the best choices for us. By the way, I have never been so comfortable in an orthosis."

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