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Comfort and beauty in Montréal and Saint-Eustache

At Marchildon, we understand the importance and the beneficial effects of wearing proper shoes. We offer shoes that provide our clients with physiological balance and comfort, without sacrificing stylishness!

For today’s woman

We carry a vast selection of comfort shoes for women, because today’s woman works, attends charitable activities, trains, organizes events, takes care of children and much more. We want every woman to find exactly what she needs and to put her mind at ease, knowing that she is wearing beautiful and comfortable shoes.

At Marchildon orthotic-shoes, you will find the largest variety of orthopedic shoes (for women, men and children) with specific manufacturing characteristics. These shoes have architectural and special features that can adapt to all kinds of foot abnormalities or deformities.

Whether it is for deep and extensible shoes adapted to hammer toes or hallux valgus (bunion) or more rigid buttresses to help with the instability or misalignment of the ankles (hyper pronation, valgus), you will be sure to find all products that suit your feet at Marchildon.

In addition, our employees will be able to modify or change your shoes to meet your orthopedic needs.

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