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The ABCs of comfort and orthopedic shoes for children at Marchildon

Shoes for children in Montréal and Saint-Eustache

Marchildon has the expertise required to help you to outfit your child with proper footwear. When it comes to shoes, prevention at a young age can affect your child’s adult life. A slight modification using a full or half sole can often compensate for a disabling condition as soon as it appears.

In order to develop and grow strong, feet require a natural uneven walking surface that provides multiple rest points. The hard, even surface of floors eliminates these beneficial effects and forces the foot to perform repetitive traumatic movements. Fortunately, this permanent movement can be overcome by proper footwear that is adapted to each person’s specific morphology.

The best solution is to find a shoe that is adapted to your child’s foot. Marchildon can help you to make the best selection for your child’s little feet. From the very first months, you can have the alignment of your baby’s feet and legs checked in order to detect and treat any pathologies.

When your child starts to stand up with support, invest in some pre-walking shoes, which feature a flexible sole that facilitate the movements of your toddler while learning to crawl.

When your child takes his first steps, it is time to switch to walking shoes, which feature a stiffener at the heel and a semi-rigid sole that leaves 1 cm of free space at the tip of the shoe. More importantly, have your child’s shoes checked every three months. This will help to avoid problems and allow for any deviations that are found to be corrected quickly.

We offer a vast selection of shoes for children from the leading brands.

At Marchildon orthotic-shoes, you will find the largest variety of orthopedic shoes (for women, men and children) with specific manufacturing characteristics. These shoes have architectural and special features that can adapt to all kinds of foot abnormalities or deformities.

Whether it is for deep and extensible shoes adapted to hammer toes or hallux valgus (bunion) or more rigid buttresses to help with the instability or misalignment of the ankles (hyper pronation, valgus), you will be sure to find all products that suit your feet at Marchildon.

In addition, our employees will be able to modify or change your shoes to meet your orthopedic needs.

For more information, consult the table of proper and improper postures or come and visit us with your child. We will be delighted to answer your questions!

For Our Children, Shoes or Barefoot? Proper and Improper Postures

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