A custom-made toe orthosis to protect or correct your toes

What is orthoplasty?

Orthoplasty refers to orthoses that are designed specifically for the toes, and that are made from a silicone elastomer.

They are moulded directly on the patients’ feet, are removable and are used to treat deformations and the related consequences.

An orthoplasty can be either protective or corrective.

Protective orthoplasty

These orthoses are used to cure painful lesions related to uncorrectable deformations. They primarily act at the skin level by removing temporary constraints and allowing hyperkeratoses and the related pain to subside.

These orthoses help to avoid complications among certain patients at risk, including diabetic or arthritic patients.

Corrective orthoplasty

These orthoses are used for adults and children to treat correctable deformations.

They act by stretching the articular and peri-articular components that hinder proper reactions and cause the toes to stiffen.

The assessment, moulding and delivery of these types of orthoses take place during a single appointment. Don’t wait to make an appointment with a foot orthotist today!

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