Diabetic feet


Diabetic feet

Crucial orthopedic solutions for diabetics in Montréal

Loss of sensitivity: A symptom of diabetes

Diabetics must take particular care of their feet. The loss of sensitivity in the extremities caused by diabetes can have serious consequences, because severe infections are harder to treat in diabetics. The slightest scratch can become infected, turn into gangrene and lead to amputation.

Examine your feet regularly

The feet of diabetics are particularly vulnerable to wounds, and therefore, they should avoid walking barefoot, even at home. They should also avoid using heating pads. In addition to hygiene, which takes on added importance among diabetics, they must also constantly check their feet for calluses, red patches, wounds, blisters or cracks that could get infected.

Therefore, if you are diabetic, you should check your feet carefully every day. If you see a red patch or a callus, consult your doctor immediately. These experts have the skills necessary to assess the condition of your feet.

The first step toward healing your feet

At Centre du pied Marchildon, our foot orthotists make orthoses that are perfectly adapted to the feet of diabetics. After wearing these orthoses for a few weeks, your feet will begin to heal. However, you must continue to inspect them every day. Wearing orthoses redistributes your body weight to new resting points, which can move wounds to new locations early in the treatment. It is important to see your orthotist to have your orthoses adjusted as often as necessary, until your feet are completely healed.

Prevention first

Don’t wait for symptoms to appear before consulting a doctor. Wearing the proper orthoses and shoes could help you to avoid wounds. Many individuals could have prevented the partial or total amputation of a foot. As with anything else,it is better to be safe than sorry!

Foot care

Be sure to cut your nails at a right angle, and not rounded, and avoid cuts and ingrown nails, because wounds take a lot longer to heal in the case of diabetic patients.

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