Biomechanics of the body

The benefits of a biomechanical assessment

Orthopedic solutions for your well-being

The impact of your feet on your overall health is often poorly understood. However, the feet are the basis of our balance, and the three resting points of the feet support the entire body. The slightest imbalance affecting any of these resting points results in a biomechanical imbalance that can cause a number of health problems.

Like the tires on a car, our feet control our “road handling.” Any deformation of the foot, such as flat feet, high arches or a misshapen foot will have a significant impact on the entire body, starting with the knee, and then the hip, the pelvis and the spine.

Our orthotists have the expertise to detect mechanical anomalies in your legs and to recommend the proper corrective actions. Once approved by you and a doctor, we will manufacture and adjust your orthosis, which will allow you function normally and painlessly. For very severe cases, your orthosis will enhance your comfort level and significantly reduce your pain.

Where does it hurt?


- Lower back pain

- Scoliosis

- Muscular chain dysfunction

- Inflammation


- Sciatica

- Trochanteric bursitis

- Osteoarthritis


- Wear of the cartilage at the tibial plateau

- Joint misalignment, varum, valgum

- Gonalgia, patellar syndrome, tendinitis

- Compression of the growth plates


- Frequent sprains

- Muscle and ligament stretching

- Achilles tendinitis


Made up of 27 bones and supporting 70 kg of pressure per square cm, the foot is the foundation of the human body. It maintains the entire body in perfect balance with only 3 resting points. However, in the case of an imbalance, even a slight imbalance, the whole body suffers. The abnormal tension caused by an imbalance is amplified from one joint to the next. The ankles, the knees and the hips can no longer function normally, which causes pain and premature wear. The entire muscular chain is also affected, causing pain in locations as far away from the feet as the back.

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