A passion for feet passed down from father to son

The Marchildon family has been involved in the shoe industry for four generations.

Great-grandfather Émile-Arthur Marchildon manufactured high-quality hand-made men’s shoes at the end of the 1800s. Not wanting to work the land, he became a shoe salesman and traveled the province by horse and by car, according to census information from 1881. Émile-Arthur and his associate founded Eagle Shoes in Saint-Hyacinthe, a company that was famous for its superior-quality work during that era.

In 1953, Grandfather Louis Marchildon opened a family shoe store called Louis Marchildon et fils. Even then, quality service and properly adapted shoes were a top priority.

In his quest to acquire the best possible training, his son, Pierre Marchildon, left for Chicago to study at the reputable Northwestern University Institute of foot prostheses and orthopedic shoes. When he returned to Montréal, he transformed the family business and opened Laboratoire Pierre Marchildon, which specialized in services related to plantar orthoses. His commitment to his profession did not end there. In 1974, Pierre Marchildon and Jean-Claude Bleau founded the Association nationale des orthésistes du pied, which received invaluable support from Dr. Pierre Labelle and Dr. Bernard Gauthier, orthopedists at Sainte-Justine Hospital.

Aware of the fact that there were no foot orthosis or prosthesis courses available in Québec at the time, Pierre Marchildon approached the Ministère de l’Éducation to begin a process that culminated in the introduction of an Orthotics and Prosthetics Techniques program at Collège Montmorency in 1983. That program is still offered today.

In 2004, his children, Sylvie and Jean-Pierre Marchildon, took their places at their father’s side, running the Company with the same commitment to providing their clientele with the best possible professional service. Toward this end, they launched major renovations to the exterior and interior of the building, from the modernization of their computer system to the creation of a medical clinic on the second floor. The Company was then redefined as Marchildon orthoses, providing comprehensive services related to orthoses, plantar orthoses as well as prefabricated and custom shoes.

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