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Marchildon laboratory, customized orthoses in Montréal

Our mission

To provide real solutions to problems related to gait for everyone who suffers from pain in the feet, knees and hips by providing services including the assessment, moulding, manufacturing and adjustment of orthoses under one roof.

The certified orthotists at the Marchildon always work in cooperation with your doctor, both in terms of outfitting you with an orthopedic device and follow-up. The follow-up is carried out by the same orthotist throughout the process until your orthoses have been adjusted in your shoes.

Our follow-up also includes verification of your level of satisfaction through the use of a questionnaire, and evaluating the improvement of your condition.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we will carry out any necessary readjustments at our cost within three months of delivery!

Did you know?

In addition to our orthotic service, we also carry a vast selection of shoes for the whole family, and we have a workshop, where our craftspeople manufacture custom shoes.

A well-deserved reputation

At the age of 24, Pierre Marchildon left Montréal for Chicago to study at the Northwestern University Institute of foot prostheses and orthopedic shoes. When he returned to Montréal in 1974, he founded the Association nationale des orthésistes du pied, which he chaired for more than 15 years. His mission is simple: To constantly improve the quality of plantar orthoses for the population of Québec! Toward this end, he launched the Orthotics and Prosthetics Techniques program at Collège Montmorency, which has been training future orthotists and prosthetists in Québec.

Orthoses, plantar orthoses

Plantar orthoses are used in many situations, including correcting bad posture and limiting abnormal twisting, thereby relieving pain. They are very useful for athletes, who use them to reduce the impact of shocks, reduce the risk of injury and improve their stability, which helps to improve performance.

Orthoses are also recommended for those who suffer from diabetes. In terms of prevention, they reduce the risk of wound formation, and in palliative use, they help wounds to heal.

We have developed approximately twenty types of orthoses at our laboratory, adapted to the specific needs of each client. Obviously, a marathon runner who weighs 90 kg does not require the same orthosis as an older patient who only weighs 50 kg. Even if the impression-making process is similar, the materials required for manufacturing each of these orthoses must be of very different densities and components, which leads to our wide variety of orthoses.

In addition to our orthotic service, we also carry a vast selection of shoes for the whole family.

Comfort shoes

Adjusting your shoes is also part of the therapeutic process at Marchildon. This approach requires a considerable inventory and highly qualified personnel, who not only employ the most technologically advanced techniques, but who also take the time to ensure that everything is done properly.

Our premises is also equipped with a workshop, where our craftspeople manufacture custom shoes. We create made-to-measure shoesboots and sandals to meet all of your orthopedics and esthetic needs. Whatever you need, we have a solution for you!

Custom shoes

Our craftspeople manufacture shoes that are adapted to diverse needs, including those who have suffered accidents in the workplace, the Québec and international film industry, police officers in Québec who ride motorcycles and horse-riding officers in Montréal, and have been doing so for more than 20 years.

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Professional associations

  • Member of the Association des Orthésistes et des Prothésistes du Québec (AOPQ)
  • Orthotists certified by the Canadian Board for Certification of Prosthetists and Orthotists (CBCPO)

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